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What do you eat at work? Meal proposals

If your working life is a speeding, timetableless rollercoaster, it’s time to get back to making yourself some food for work. Regular meals are the basis of a balanced diet. See what to take with you and when to eat so that your irregular lifestyle doesn’t condemn you to carrying

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Like the mantra we repeat in MH, that one of the keys to a slim figure are as regular and frequent meals as possible. You always answer that it is difficult to get them when you have a few minutes’ break at work and there is a bakery with sweet buns just around the corner. That is why we suggest: prepare the food at home, pack it in a container and go to work.

Yes, it takes some effort. The meals have to be invented and prepared. We’ll help you with the planning phase, and you’ll have the job done. Deal? Remember not to leave home without breakfast. Starting the day with coffee on an empty stomach is a misunderstanding. You’ll only irritate your mucous membrane, not wake up.

Eat something within 1 hour of waking up so your body can switch from night to day mode. You’re often exposed to stress at work. At times like this, you don’t feel hungry, but that doesn’t mean you’re not hungry. If you don’t eat anything, you will feel a wolf’s appetite when your emotions are gone, and then you will throw yourself on food. Don’t let that happen. Different kinds of snacks should solve the problem. Barbara DÄ…browska-Gorska from the Dietosfera clinic has developed a first aid kit that will help you to emerge victorious from the fight against hunger.

You should always have these things in your office

In your drawer:


rice wafers

crispy bread

pumpkin/sunflower seeds

Almonds/ cashew nuts/ pistachio/ walnuts

Mint gum with xylitol (protects teeth after a meal, e.g. when travelling)

dried fruits

green tea



chinese pasta

basic spices

cereal bar


prepared pasta sauce

bitter chocolate

In the company fridge:

natural yoghurt

kefir/ buttermilk



daytime saps

carrots Marvitas

feta/mozzarella cheese

prepared soups/dishes

tuna in self-serve / sardines in tomato sauce

fishmonger’s salad with vegetables



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