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Fast and healthy New Year’s Eve snacks

New Year’s Eve madness without extra pounds? Recipes for simple, healthy and light snacks will help you to enter the New Year’s Eve healthy and with a stop. Ideal for everyone who wants to have fun on this special night without worrying about the calories consumed.
For many people, a New Year’s Eve party is a nutritional dilemma – to eat or not to eat? And if you eat, what do you choose? Typical snacks like chips, sticks, salty nuts or wafers and cookies are inseparably associated with the party menu. But must this table be the basis of this special night? Absolutely NOT! The scheme of our dietary activity depends on the form that this evening will take – we go to an organized party or a party we organize on our own. Here are a few rules that will help us to keep our dietary sense despite the champagne mood. If the event is organized this: Let’s not come hungry on New Year’s Eve. Let’s have a meal right before we leave home. Knowing that we will participate in a long evening social meeting, let’s plan the hours of meals during the day in advance. As snacks, let’s choose vegetables instead of cold cuts, meat or bread. When choosing warm dishes, let’s make sure that the plate contains vegetables and protein: lean meat, fish or legume seeds. Let’s look for “lighter” dishes – cooked, stewed, baked. Let’s give up fried dishes. It is important to avoid meat dishes with greasy, thick and heavy sauces. If possible – choose light broth type soups or cream soups instead of heavy and hearty dishes. Avoid sweet drinks – they are unnecessary calories! Replace them mainly with water, water with juice, e.g. lemon and mint, or diluted fruit juices. Let us not be tempted by sweets in the form of cakes and cookies, which will certainly be on the tables. Let us spend our energy, that is, let us dance as long and as much as we can. And if we organize the event on our own… Then we have a huge room for manoeuvre, because everything that goes on the table depends on us. We do not have to rely on calorie snacks and dishes. We can prepare a light and nutritious alternative. Of course, the biggest part should be vegetables. They can be served in the form of salads and salads, as well as separately, sliced and ready to eat with different kinds of dips based on natural yoghurt. Here are a few different recipes that will fit in perfectly with the New Year’s Eve menu. Dry snacks 1. Boiled beet with feta cheese Ingredients: boiled beet, lean feta cheese, chives, olive oil, lemon. Preparation: Boiled beetroot and cheese diced. Dice it with olive oil and lemon. Sprinkle with finely chopped chives or sprouts. To add variety, the ready salad can be sprinkled with sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, as well as chopped walnuts. 2. salad with spinach and egg Ingredients: fresh spinach, rapeseed oil, garlic, sweet pepper (in powder), ground caraway, cooked chickpeas, balsamic vinegar, hard-boiled eggs, broccoli sprouts. Preparation: Washed spinach is scalded with boiling water. On the rapeseed oil, simmer the garlic, to which we later add pepper and caraway seeds. Then add the spinach and chickpeas to the spices. Sprinkle the whole thing with a few drops of vinegar and stew for 3-5 minutes. Put the finished salad into small bowls and put a slice of eggs on top and sprinkle with broccoli sprouts. Stuffed mushrooms Ingredients: large mushrooms, onion, rapeseed oil, garlic, chicken breast minced meat (without skin), parsley, parmesan cheese Preparation: Clean the mushrooms and drill them out. Chop the mushroom legs finely. Glaze the onion in a pan, then add the garlic and chopped mushroom stalks. Braise for a while and then add the meat. After stewing the whole mixture, fill the mushroom heads with it and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Bake the mushrooms prepared in this way in the oven for about 20-30 minutes at 190 degrees. Sweet Snacks 1. Rice and cottage cheese chops with raisins Ingredients: Basmati rice, lean cottage cheese, egg white, buckwheat flakes, raisins Preparation: Boil the rice according to the recipe on the package. Crush the cheese (grind or knead with a fork). Combine the boiled rice with the cheese, egg white and raisins. Stir the whole thing thoroughly. Form small chops, which we then coat in buckwheat flakes. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes at a temperature of about 190 degrees. 2. melon with Parma ham Ingredients: melon (yellow or green), Parma ham, or balsamic vinegar Preparation: Cut the melon into thin quarters and peel from the skin. Wrap the melon in pieces, thinly sliced with Parma ham. Stuff the melon with a toothpick. Additionally, we can sprinkle a few drops of balsamic vinegar. Apple and cheese racks Ingredients: apples, celery, onion, garlic, eggs, pepper, parsley, rapeseed oil. Preparation: Rub the apples, celery, onion and garlic and mix it all in a dish. Then add the egg, parsley and pepper to taste. The shaped rings of dough can be fried in a preheated pan or baked in the oven. Serve the finished cakes with

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