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Eggs: 3 recipes for a lunch full of energy

You couldn’t have chosen better, as long as your doctor didn’t recommend an anti-atherosclerotic diet. And then you can eat 2-3 weeks. Everybody else can eat twice as much. Find out what makes eggs so healthy, and how to prepare a delicious and energetic meal with their help.

Only breast milk can match it in terms of nutritional value. Since we are already of maternal age, there is nothing left to do but bet on eggs and enjoy them.

They are one of the few sources of natural vitamin D, and contain important brain choline, vitamins B2 and B12, lutein for improving eyesight and lecithin for improving memory.

We do not quote the minerals it contains, as half of the Mendeleyev table would have to be replaced, but fats must not be left out. As much as 75% are healthy, omega-3 and -6, and only a few are responsible for bad cholesterol.

Before using the eggs, they should be rinsed with hot water. The same should apply to your hands when you break eggs into scrambled eggs, for example. All by salmonella. Boiling kills the bacteria, so don’t put the eggs in cold water, boiling them hard, just boiling them.


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