Health & Fitness blog Diet Carbohydrate rotation: how to build muscles? [mass nutrition]

Carbohydrate rotation: how to build muscles? [mass nutrition]

You want to build a mass? Sure. But muscle mass, right? Stick to these rules, and you’ll quickly notice the difference in strength, mood and syllable

Our second exemplary character, who is a frequent guest in the gym, must approach the construction of a diet in a completely different way. His goal is to carve out a specific figure and to this end he bolts firmly. He has only one day off a week, and in addition, he diversifies his workouts. That is why he has to replenish glycogen every day, otherwise he will not regenerate and the next day he will not have steam under the boiler.

That’s why in his workout, we catch the most demanding days (exercises of the highest intensity, length, involving all muscle groups) and enclose them with a higher dose of carbohydrates. Example? Shoulder girdle training (cage and back) as well as leg training will have a higher energy requirement than biceps and triceps training – as small muscle groups.

It should be remembered that what for our zucha is a day of low carbohydrates would be a day of high carbohydrates for the average Kowalski, because their metabolism, due to the large difference in muscle mass and completely different training loads, is very different from each other. We present here only general rules, which need to be adjusted to individual lifestyle and energy needs.

+15% – so much more carbohydrates to eat on a day with intensive training compared to the average day.

Assuming that Zuchuch exercises in the morning before work and performs one unit of training per day, you can apply a mixed CT + CBL strategy, i.e. in the morning you can immediately top up with carbohydrates, during the day bet on an oily meal, and in the evening bet again on carbohydrates to have more glycogen in the morning after supper.


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Menu example: High coals

Breakfast (before training): 100 g quinoa, 30 g peanut butter, 30 g honey, half a measure of whey protein

After the training Sheikh: Vitargo concentrate + 1 measure of whey protein

II breakfast Salad: 3 handfuls of spinach, 1 large apple, 2 handfuls of black olives, 1 avocado, a handful of almond flakes, honey and mustard sauce

Dinner: 400 g potatoes baked in herbs, 200 g fillet of cod, 200 g grated carrots

Tea: 100 g of lamb groats, 30 g dates, 30 g of cocoa, half a measure of whey protein, cardamom

Dinner: 100 g rice comos, 50 ml coconut milk, curry, 150 g chicken

According to the dietitian: Marek Szołtysik

Matching the amount of carbohydrates consumed to the level of exercise during the day is a good idea, because it makes it easier to accumulate glycogen stores before the workout and rebuild them afterwards, and at the same time, by reducing the amount of carbohydrates on less active days, it contributes to facilitating fat burning.


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