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ABS Diet: ways to get a six-pack

It is not enough to train regularly at the gym to burn excess fat and build up your muscles. You also need to change your diet. But forget about counting calories and sacrifices. Here is a simple diet developed by David Zinchenko, author of the bestselling book “Die

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A lot can happen in six minutes. That’s enough time to convince your boss that you need a raise, prove to the girl that you’re a great lover or buy a lottery ticket and find out that you won a sports BMW.

This is also enough time to prepare the meals with which you will feed your muscles properly. Based on them, you can create a balanced menu, made up of easy to prepare, healthy and – last but not least – tasty meals. This is not about any dietary miracle for the naive. I mean completely normal food, which you can prepare quickly and easily with your own hands.

A gym is not enough to make a six-pack – you have to work on it in the kitchen too. What you put in your mouth during lunch is much more important than what weight you put on your barbell during training. Having studied 33 clinical research programs, Brazilian scientists have concluded that fat loss and muscle mass building is 75% dependent on diet.


Of course, this does not mean that exercise is not an important part of the weight loss process. But without a clever diet, you can expect that it will take much longer to carve out a grater on your belly than you planned.

Most diets are based on a system of prohibitions and restrictions: “don’t eat this and that…”, “give up that…” And yet the more we’re not allowed to have or do something, the more we want it, right? We’re not going to impose strict rules on you. We just want you to think about your diet.

Read the tips below and you’ll discover what it means to eat properly, and at the same time to always be saturated and provide yourself with enough fuel to never run out of energy. There are only six of them – follow them and you will soon forget about the old dietary rules. Just like the stomach tyre.


Older diets: Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner

Diet Abs: Eat 6 meals a day

Most diets are based on the idea that you have to drastically reduce the number of calories in your food to lose weight. This means that you will be constantly hungry. We don’t want your stomach buzzing to interfere with your normal life. We’d prefer you to have a good meal. When you’re full, you don’t think about going into the first better bar on the way and ordering the biggest family set they have on the menu.

You will win with hunger if you eat six times a day, choosing the products we present further in this text. When you eat every few hours, your stomach has no reason to send hunger signals to your brain, while keeping your metabolism at a higher level.


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